Yarn magic

From time to time I knit and crochet, usually for people I care about.

Dragon posable plushie

This is what I am fighting with right now. A big, posable eastern dragon, my biggest project yet and a huge test of my dubious crocheting skills and my patience.

One day it will be really pretty, but for now it looks like a giant mind flayer tadpole...

Pattern: "Eastern Dragon" by Megan Lapp

Pinwheel flowers

Also a gift for my boyfriend.I realized men rarely get flowers and it made me a bit sad.

Pattern: "Pinwheel Flowers" by Frankie Brown

Pixel scarf

Knitted in 2022 for my boyfriend using a fancy highland wool. Very warm and soft.

Pattern: "Pixel Cowl" by Jennifer Beaumont

Unicorn mittens

2020 Secret Santa gift for my friend who loves unicorns. "Finished" photo was taken pre-blocking, that's why they look wonky.

Pattern: "Always Be a Unicorn" by Tonje Haugli

Gopher amigurumi

Go programming language's mascot, gopher I made for myself to celebrate getting my first job as a Go developer. Also a first thing I crocheted ever.

Pattern: "Gopher Amigurumi" by Charissa Gascho